Patronage and Sponsorship

Knowne World Courtesans Patron’s Guide

Read with a wink and a playful nudge- in the SCA, Courtesans do not exchange money for sex.

What I Seek in a Patron:

My Patrons exchange with me their time and attention, they support my activities with their influence, money, effort, heavy lifting, etc. Past and current Patrons have paid my travel & fees to events where I then accompany them, fight for me for the day or war, make certain that I am fed and cared for during an event, given me garb (or the makings thereof) or jewelry (or the makings thereof), preferred to do/give mundane commodities, counselled me through A&S competitions, paid for mandolin lessons, purchased my time & effort from auctions to benefit Kingdoms or groups… there are so many options! Tell me what you care to give, and what you would have of me.

What I Offer to a Patron:

In my companionship, a Patron will find that they have my undivided attention. Delectable treats from my hand are chosen and prepared with love and care. Every skill that I possess is at their very disposal. I am an excellent dancer. My mandolin is relaxing. I can translate conversationally in several languages. If my services are sold at auction, it is generally for a set time period and includes what is listed, e.g. a luncheon basket, or a service. I have entrée to the best parties, access to heads of state, the ears of numerous Peers- make it worth my while to present you. I will make your clothing, set your table, inspire your efforts on the Field of Honour, dress to impress, lounge upon your arm, introduce you to my Courtesan friends, play matchmaker to find someone to teach you a particular skill. What is your desire?

Sponsorship vs Patronage:

To my definition within the SCA, a Sponsor gives their time and monies to the Courtesans as a whole- for example: donating to our larger parties, purchasing camp walls, bringing us vats of wine, using their clout to smooth the way with Autocrats and land agents to help us with having enough room or good space for our camps/Salons/activities….  while a Patron chooses a single Courtesan to engage. You can be either. You can be both. You can be a Patron while also being a Courtesan. You can be a Sponsor while also being a Courtesan.