Your Friendly Neighborhood SCA Courtesan

Ciana (Shi-ah-nah, a derivative of Luciana) Scolari (Sko-lah-ree) di Polcenigo (Pohl-che-nee-goh)
I do mostly 14c and 16c Northern Italian (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia) in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a historical educational group dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-1600’s Europe. I currently live half time in the Shire of Darkstone (the top of Wisconsin), in the Kingdom of Northshield (N&S Dakotas, Manitoba, Minnesota, Northern Ontario, Wisconsin, and the UP of Michigan) and in the Kingdom of Atlantia(Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, N&S Carolinas). I have previously lived in Caid, West, Oertha, Drachenwald, Nordmark, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Merides, and Outlands… not in that order.

Ciana is the daughter of the Scolari family from Polcenigo, a little town north of La Venezia. When the family fell on hard times while her parents were far from Italy Ciana married a chronically absent Venetian officer to maintain the holdings, bought a small villa in Venice with what he left her on his death, and became a courtesan. Due to parents with enlightened ideas about women, Ciana has been well educated to better care for the family palazzo and lands, with periodic study at the medical school in Salerno.

She hosts political, philosophical, and educational salons as well as small entertainments and soirees, hosts fundraisers for the aid of women and children, and enjoys engaging her Patrons and Champions with hedonistic gatherings. She gleefully supports her Patrons and Champions on the field.

Ciana enjoys kitchen and medicinal gardening, kitchen crafts (such as soapmaking, cheeses, breads, subtleties), creating grand feasts, brewing and distilling, sewing and embroidery. She is just getting into the illumination arts, learning to play the mandolin, and starting heavy fighting. She absolutely adores dancing and is always seeking an enthusiastic partner!

Ciana finds Kingdom and Shire business, hosting events, stewarding feasts, and welcoming newcomers to be very fulfilling.

Like receiving a care package in the mail, the SCA offers many Secret-Santa-like exchanges. Ciana participates in the Northshield A&S Exchange and Nobelese Largesse.

A Few of Her Favourite Things:

  • elephants
  • owls
  • bumblebees
  • badgers
  • water
  • cobalt blue, ultramarine, royal blue, silver
  • lapis lazuli, star sapphires, sapphires, black opals, blue topaz, cream pearls
  • deep bass drumming
  • Flowers: creamy carnations, artichokes, dandelions and other wildflowers
  • Fruits: grapes, berries, olives, apricots, pears, Serrano lemons
  • Veggies: carrots, beets, artichokes, garlic, parsnips, asparagus
  • Plants & Herbs: basil, mints, rosemary, foxglove, carnations, fennel, burdock
  • Beverages: mead, cordials, whiskey, eau de vie, grappa, herbed and/or fruited waters & teas
  • very occasional sweets and chocolate because…
  • prefers savoury and umami snacks like hummus, relishes, pickles, and…..
  • Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeses
  • that murmur of a big group of well-contented feast-eaters
  • dancing!

A Few Dislikes/Avoidances/Allergies/Issues:

  • anaphylactic latex allergy (she carries Epi)
  • hives , GI rxn, & near-anaphylactic pork allergy (alpha-gal)
  • raw or not-entirely cooked onions/onion family
  • coffee, caffeine, pop
  • avoids sweets and candy in general (but will gobble up a loaf of bread if no one is looking)
  • too much rosewater in food/drinks
  • moldy or ‘smells like teenager’ cheese (exception- mild molds like brie)
  • repetitive noises (eg finger tapping, beeping) & whistling
  • hypernosmic, will sometimes wear a particle mask if things are getting overpowering

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Ciana’s registered device:
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Mundane blah blah: Shanna is a freelance biomedical anthropologist, but being a paramedic is what supports her SCA habits. She joined the SCA at a young age in 1988 after seeing a fighter practice at her local library. She just kept showing up until they gave her a job to do.