Where I Get Teachy

medieval classroom

Details for most of these will be on their own pages.

Aphrodisiacs; herbal lore, nutritional theory, medicine
– as Everyday Medicine (Therapeutic)
– for the Pleasure (Non-Therapeutic)
– Ethnopharmacology of Love
– Food and Sex in Early Middle Ages Medicine
– Food and Sex in High Middle Ages Medicine
– Food and Sex in Late Middle Ages Medicine
– Food and Sex in Renaissance Medicine
– History of Contraceptives in Europe pre-1600

Women’s Health & Family Planning in pre-modern Europe
– Barrier Birth Control
– Chemical Birth Control
– The Trotula, an overview
– Contraceptives, fertility, and childbirth in Europe pre-1600, a brief overview
– Miscarriage and Abortion in pre-modern Europe
– Women’s Libido and Fertility in Europe pre-1600
– STIs in pre-1600’s Europe

Women Physicians, Midwives, and Healers
– Lecture on several of the below + entire lectures on individuals
– Trota of Salerno
– Hildegard of Bingen
– Dorotea Bucca
– Mercuriade
– Rebecca de Guarna
– Jacqueline Felice de Almania
– Isabiau la Mergesse
– Adelmota of Carrara
– Loredana Marcello
– Elinor Sneshell
– Leoparda
– Marcella

Sex and Love Pre-Modern Europe
– Courtly love
– Flirting Then and Now
– Chivalry Then and Now
– “Loving Nobly” as a Literary Fiction
– Courts of Love
– History of European Prostitution pre-1600
– Sexual Subjects and the SCA
– Courtesan 101
– A Peek Under the Veil: Sex Workers in Pre-Modern Europe

Life is short- eat dessert first!
– Sugared violets
– Sugared citrus peels
– All the Marchpane! (Marzipan, marzapan, massepain etc)
– Anis bon bon
– Saint Agatha’s Breasts

Just a taste – Stuzzichini! Because finger foods are fun!
– Aphrodisiacs for Fitness & Fun

The Main Features

Rabbit Food! Cleanse Your Palate-
Drink Up
– Fruit Meads for Beginners

Some of my feast menus

– On Using..or Attempting to Use.. Period Cookery Implements
– Introduction to Beginning Period Cookery
– Period Cooking in Camp
– Getting Started in the SCA, or What to Do Now That You Have Been to A Meeting or Event